Our Guarantee


Every annapromdress's dress design is created with a strong attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship. Fine fabrics and hand-beaded embellishments are just the beginning. Underneath it all, annapromdress's Bridal dresses feature quality lining and inner construction details that help create a flattering shape and drape. So the quality is guaranteed.

We have a QA team who tests your ordered products before they are packed and sent to you. This is in addition to the normal quality assurance checks that all the goods have passed in the factory line.

All our products are covered by a 12 MONTH WARRANTY.In essence this means that defective dresses can be returned by post to annapromdress.com, in Hong Kong, where we will make the repairs or instant replacement and ship the new goods back to you.


Quality & Craftsmanship

High quality guarantee. Hand-crafted details. Exceptional fit and fell. Our company owned and operated factory is obsessed with creating gorgeous wedding gowns. Their sole focus is to deliver the best quality, best fitting dresses at affordable prices.

A Perfect Fit

We understand the importance of your wedding day and every special occasion in your life. And that your wedding dress should be perfectly fit you, and in every way to be just how you always dreamed it should be.

At tailored wedding dresses, each dresses is custom-made to fit you perfectly. Imagine comfortably and confidently gliding down the aisle in your perfect dress!

Unbeatable Savings Anywhere Online

Our mission is to provide quality dresses at unbeatable prices.

All our goods are factory direct pricing. This allows us to cut out a great deal of unnecessary expenditure by removing intermediate agencies, such as exporters, importers, wholesalers, and retailers. It is estimated that the average customer will save 30% over retail.

We use Web sales, instead of store sales. By lower overhead, we have also saved consumers approximately 10% over retail prices.